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Philodendron 1 & 2

Philodendron 1 & 2

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Pair of earrings (2 pc) - Textured Sterling Silver

Wear Philodendron 1 as you ussually wear earrings. Wear Philodendron 2 the opposite way, from back to front.


Usa Philodendron 1 de la manera que usualmente usas tus zarcillos. Usa Philodendron 2 de la manera opuesta, de atrás hacia adelante.


      Silver jewelry will inevitably fade and tarnish over time.

  • To restore shine, polish carefully the metal areas of your piece with a jewelry cloth.
  • Store the piece in its packaging in a cool and dry area to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Avoid perfume or lotion near the piece.
  • Remove before swimming or bathing.
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